Tucker Family Preview {Durham Family Photographer}

Monday, September 26, 2011







I have felt like Eeyore recently, with a little black rain cloud following me all over the place! Oh, how I wish it would stop raining on Wednesdays and Saturdays! I have done 2 sessions in the rain, and the one session that was cancelled due to rain we could have done because it never did rain! Oh well. I’m just so lucky to photograph amazing families that—rain or shine—are always positive and excited about getting their pictures taken!

Enough about the rain though. I LOVE this family! And I look forward to photographing them each fall. They are beautiful inside and out, and recently completed their family with the addition of sweet baby Linlee.  (Well, she is 9 months old now, but the last time I saw them Gina was pregnant with her, so it feels recent to me.)  These guys were so great and easy-going despite the weather. Some things I love about these images: 1. The first one I posted of the whole family looks like it was taken in the mountains or something, with the fog so low. I love that!  2.  I love Corbin’s gesture in the last photo as he felt a raindrop…so cute!

…Many more photos await you, Tucker family!  Thanks so much for making the drive out to Durham. I love photographing you!

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Gina said...

Seeing our pictures for the first time is seriously like Christmas for me each September! I checked your blog like 20 times in hopeful anticipation...and I was not let down! I love how you capture our family, our personalities, and our forever memories so. perfectly. Thanks so much, Sarah!