Fun with the Johnson Fam!

Thursday, September 29, 2011






I was so excited about photographing the Johnsons again! Andrew and I used to work together at SECU, so it’s always fun to see him.His gorgeous wife Leslie and their adorable son Tyler (and there’s one more on the way…yay!) were so much fun…like they always are!  They came prepared with books, snacks, golf clubs…lots of things to keep little man happy!  (2 can be such a hard age for pictures)  One of my favorite moments came when Tyler was hitting his golf balls, and I told him to hit the balls toward my camera. He misunderstood and came up swinging THE CLUB at my camera…luckily, no one (and no camera) was injured, but it sure was funny.  I should re-think directions I give to two year olds in the future : )

Thanks so much you guys!  So excited for your sweet family!

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