Session Info

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for checking out my photography blog and session information. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions here.

About your session:  I am typically booked 3-6 months in advance...this is partially due to the fact that I am a lot of fun, but also because I have two darling daughters and a husband who need me...so I take a limited number of sessions each month.
I do not have a studio. I shoot outside in beautiful, natural sunlight. If your session takes place during the week, we will do pictures an hour or so before sunset. If your session takes place on a Saturday, usually those take place early Saturday morning.
Once your session is scheduled, start thinking about your vision for your images. Where would you like to do them? Somewhere rustic, rural, urban, or with greenery and flowers? The location is up to you...I will offer suggestions but always encourage your input.

Session Day:  On the day of your session, please make sure little ones are rested and fed. Also, while I encourage wardrobe changes for everyone, keep in mind your child's disposition-- don't bring 7 outfit changes if it's only going to irritate your child. I do recommend bringing a snack...at my house I like mini marshmallows...they blend in with their teeth : ) Goldfish, on the other hand, I do not recommend...They turn mouths and teeth orange!

How Long will the Session last?  Generally, sessions last 45 minutes--1.5 hours. Newborn sessions usually take longer because they must be fed, changed, and cuddled often.

What to Wear?  Again, totally up to you! I recommend layers--hats, scarves, anything with texture will really spice up your images!

After Session Info:  After your session I will work to finish processing your images as quickly as possible. Usually it takes me 2 weeks. However, I will try to post a "preview" of a few images on my blog a few days after your session. Once your images are processed, I will either meet you somewhere to give you the disc, or mail it to you.
Your disc will include a print release so you may print your images wherever, upload them to your blog, facebook, etc. However, my computer is calibrated to the printers at the professional print lab that I use. Therefore, images printed at other places (i.e. walmart, wolf camera, etc.) may appear slightly off. To avoid this you are welcome to order your prints--the big ones going on your wall-- from me. You will LOVE having professional quality prints in your home...trust me! To order prints, please email me and we will go from there!

Session Payment   I accept cash, check or you may pay via PayPal. Payment is due in-full at the start of your session. If you're planning to write a check just let me know ahead of time. All session fees include nc sales tax.